Preservation And Conservation


Background To Conservation In Ghana

preservation_2The Preservation Services Branch (PSB) was set up in May, 1952 as a document rehabilitation centre for the then National Archives.

The main activity of the PSB was to preserve and conserve damaged…

preservation_3and deteriorated records at the National Archives repositories.

Two more branches of the PSB were set up in the 1955 to provide similar services at the newly created Ashanti and Central regional offices of the National Archives.

Preservation Services Branches

Visit any of our Preservation Services branches in Accra, Kumasi and Cape for services such as

  • Book or paper repairs (deacidification, lamination, sizing, backing, leaf casting, dry conservation, etc).
  • Binding of books of all types and for all purposes.

We also offer training to individuals and institutions on best practices in conservation and preservation.

How to get our services

  1. Apply to the director, of PRAAD.
  2. Bring or arrange with staff for document(s) to be brought to the PSB
  3. Documents are examined or diagnosed to ascertain the state
  4.  An Invoice is giving to the clients

Job completion time depends on the volume of work and extent of damage.