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National Records Centre

The National Records Centre was officially opened on the 8th of April, 1998. It has a storage capacity of Eighty Thousand storage boxes. It was established to provide safe and secured storage of semi-current records within the public service of Ghana.

The National Records Centre is an essential part of the Public Records and Archives Administration Department (PRAAD). It is the vital link between the ministries and departments and the National Archives in PRAAD. It provides clean, secure and well-organised high-density storage for semi-current records that are retained for administrative or operating purposes or for review at a later date. This releases valuable space in the Records Offices and provides a back-up service for them. Information and files held in the Records Centre can be retrieved easily and quickly.

The Records Centre staff operate a selection procedure which facilitates the controlled, authorised and timely destruction of records which are no longer needed for on-going business and which lack archival value. They also identify records which do have archival value and ensure that they are transferred to the National Archives.

Services it offers:

  • The National Records Centre provides safe and secured storage service for semi-current records for public institutions within the country.
  • Currently, the Centre has extended its services to the private sector and it’s providing them with a physical storage space to manage their semi-current records until final disposition.
  • This service does not help institutions to effectively manage their records, but also in a very cost effective manner.
  • The Centre currently provides scanning and indexing service to its clients at very affordable rates. Existing and potential clients are all encouraged to contact the Centre this service.

How to search for Documents in the Records Centre

  • Records in the Records Centre are accessible to the creating agencies only.
  • Consultation is done by persons appointed by the creating agencies and known to the Records Centre staff.
  • Records are loaned to the creating agencies for a specified period.