Special Collections

SC1Blankson Papers1856-188540Letters from Colonial Secretary, Ag. Administrator and letter from Attorney Bannerman, King Anfoo Otoo, H.E. Grant, Bradbury Company etc.View Details Collection
SC2James and Edmund Bannerman Papers1824-189782Letters from Governors Chrisholm, Maclean, Hill Pine, Nennesay Usher, Freeling and others on governmental affairs. Includes correspondence on judicial matter.View Detail Collections
SC3Cape Coast Historical Society Papers1795-191614Letters from Philip Quaque to Rev. Dr. Morice. Proposition to form anti-slavery association. Correspondence between Fanti Chiefs and Governor. Various Correspondence from Administrators H. T. Usher, Joseph Dawson etc. N.B. The Society was active in the 1920's but the papers apparently refer mainly to 19 th Century history.View Details Collection
SC4Freeman Family Papers1841-1902390Letters from R. .T. Hanson, A. W. Hanson, J. M. Hanson, W. B. Hutton, J. E. Crawford, E.A. Gardiner, W. Duncan, B.N. Bernasko and G. DYER. Also included in this group are the Journal of letters from London, Duplicate Letter Book, Index to Letter Book. Observations on Colonel Bird's charges, strictures on minutes of Executive Council held at Cape Coast Castle. Letters from Mr. Dyer Julius Briand, W.H, Fisher, He. E. Wood, J. S. Parker, Sierra T. Forster (London), John Watson. Also included are Sermons.View Details Collection
SC5Vroom PapersView Details Collection
SC6 J. M. sarbah Papers1869-192421Journals, CashBooks, Ledgers, Miscellaneous Personal Letters and Counsel's Court Record Book.View Details Collection
SC7 Ghartey IV Papers1860-1897385Correspondence from various personalities to King Ghartey IV on Political, Trade, Judicial and Personal Affairs. Includes Correspondence from Overseas.View Details Collection
SC8Schedule of Ocansey Papers (Trading)1870-190278Accounts Sales Books, Cash Books, Credit Receipt Books, Invoice Ledgers, wages and Letter Book.View Details Collection
SC9 Private Papers Relating to James Town Stool1958-19674Letters on Installation of Three King-makers, Protest note on Installation of Dzaasetse, Nomination of Candidate for James Town Stool and Dzaasetse.View Details Collection
SC10 Arpellegh Papers19131Evidence at Inquiry into Stranding of S.S. "Bakana" at Half Assini. View Details Collection
SC11Thomas Y. Kani Papers1901-195959T. Y. Kanis Private Diaries and Composed Song Book.View Details Collection
SC12G. B. Williams Papers1875-1900145Cash Account, Returns Books, Indents etc. Bulk Comprise Letters from Mr. And Mrs. Williams to McLaren Bradbury and Co. About Commercial Transactions, mainly export of foodstuffs and other tropical goods. View Details Collection
SC13Schedule of J. h. Caesar's Trading Papers1874-190021General business Books, made up of Journal, Day Book, Wholesale, Cash, Shipment, Casual labour Wages, Bill Books. Also Ledgers and Duplicate Letter Books.View Details Collection
SC14Jacobson Papers1517-19573Parts I -III of Christian Jacobson Diary Devoted to "Remarkable Occurrences of the Gold Coast and Ashanti" compiled from various sources. View Details Collection
SC17Mate Kole Papers1886-1836436Correspondence between Konor Mate Korle and Various Personalities including Secretary for Native Affairs, Cocoa Production and Export, Civil Jurisdiction and Personal Matters.View Details Collection
SC18Kobina Moore and G.E. Moore Papers1929-1950658Correspondence between and Chiefs, Social Clubs and Associations and Aborigines Rights Protection Society A.R.P.S. Literature on the Gold Coast by European authors, Correspondence between G.E. Moore and J.B. Danquah on Akan Coastal Peoples relations. This also international business transactions. Includes minutes of Meetings, reports of Official Business During G. E. Moore's Councillorship of Cape Coast in Gold Coast Legislative Council.View Details Collection
SC19Mr. H. J. Christian Papers1910-195061Various Concession Editions from Different Regions indicating Scales. Plans of disputed Lands Included.View Details Collection
SC20J. P. Allotey Hammond Papers18Correspondence with Cape Coast Municipal Council and Copy of the Petition to the House of Commons by the Gold Coast Aborigines Right Protection Society.View Details Collection
SC21Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Papers1930-1944127Letters from various personalities in Philadelphia, USA to F. M. Nkrumah on personal education, Negro and Pan-African Societies and translation of religious literature into Nzema. Source of information in this service is Mrs. Portia Spencer of Philadelphia, U.S.A.View Details Collection
SC 212Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Papers1935-196190Correspondence Between Nkrumah and Lincoln University, U.S.A. Includes Correspondence Between Others and Lincoln University concerning Nkrumah. Nkrumah's Contributions to Journals. Also treaties on various subjects including Pan-Africanisation.View Details Collection
SC 213Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Papers1940-195247Correspondence Between Nkrumah and the Phelps Stokes Fund, New York on Financial Assistance to the Former. Other material on Nkrumah's Educational Career, Articles etc. View Details Collection
SC 22Methodist Book (Department) Depot Papers1834-1962442Literature on indigenous Customary Laws and Practice, Missionary Activities, Education, Sociology, Politics, anthropology etc, written by both local and Foreign Authors. Includes Newspapers and Other Miscellaneous Records on Estimates for Northern Nigeria, Government Proposals for future Constitution of Gold Coast. View Details Collection
SC23Mrs. Bartels PapersView Details Collection
SC24Dr. Isaac Ephson's Papers1632-19583Gallery of Gold Coast Celebrities, Ancient Forts and Castles of the Gold Coast.View Details Collection
SC25Kakabiku's Private Papers1960-19716General Literal Works on "Wayside Wisdom" Almanacs of Dignitaries an 'Keta Market Days'.View Details Collection