Training Section for AU staff


The area of Research is concerned with the systematic investigation into the study of the processes and procedures involved in the management of records from creation through to the final disposition. The management of current, semi-current and archival records involves processes and procedures that keep evolving with time, thus the need for to  come up with strategies aimed at improving the management of existing records systems in order to continuosly enhance the effectiveness and effeciency of operations.


The Divisison collaborates with the Archives Division in order to collate and analyze data collected from the Search Room/Reference Unit in the following areas:

  • Numbers of direct patronage
  • Nationalities of clients
  • Security lapses and policy requirements/recommendations
  • Types of documents accessed by clients over a period
  • Records requested for but not available for which there is the need to find the collection in order to update the database.

Report is then produced from findings on yearly basis to support and enhance the operations of the Search Room.

Another area of research includes collaborating with the search room to ascertain and create a list of records available in the archives but not known to clients who frequent the archives. The will in turn enable the draw up programs for awareness creation in order to reach out to the potential clients like educational institutions, policy think thanks in an attempt to expand the client base and at the same time be as much informative as much as possible to the general public.


The research unit also liaises with all the relevant units of the department in providing contents that keep traffic on the website. Carry out analysis of the visits to the website and contents accessed periodically.


The focus here is to identify system shortfalls and propose programs to help resolve challenges in the field records management across the pubic service, i.e. through capacity building, determining needed resources for improved service delivery and the requisite management support, policy requirements recommendations etc.

Making recommendations based on research findings collated for policy decisions, business process re-engineering etc.

Designing training modules for effective capacity development of records professionals.


This area focusses on identified needs for we provide the needed service for clients upon request,

  • Collaborate in the development and review of all records mangement manuals
  • Design and develop specific retention schedules for organisations
  • Review of specific retention schedules for organisations
  • Design and develop records classification schemes
  • Review of specific records classification schemes

Design and develop control books.


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